Muncheechos with Zach Neil

Muncheechos with Zach Neil today on Dazed and Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Cheech Marin and award-winning chef Zach Neil have launched a late-night food delivery service for the Los Angeles cannabis consumer: Muncheechos. With delivery available until 3 am, the menu puts an interesting twist on “stoner foods” with classic favorite dishes ranging from the “up in smoke” cherry wood and hemp Texas-style smoked brisket tacos, authentic Philly cheesesteaks, and Sriracha honey-glazed wontons to red curry and goat cheese naan bread pizzas to sweets and CBD-infused treats. Vegan options are also available. The menu features names like “Work Daze,” “Pack a Bowl” and “Night Sesh.” Commenting on the launch, owner Zach Neil, also a best-selling author, told Benzinga, “With ghost kitchens, we don’t need to invest millions in real estate or expensive licenses, a large staff or fancy building. We simply lease a small commercial kitchen space staffed with 4 people and we are ready to blaze!”


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