NXTLVL Formularies with Founder and CEO Roger Davis

NXTLVL Formularies with founder and CEO Roger Davis today on Dazed and Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. NXTLVL Formularies Provides state-compliant supply chain solutions for brands looking to offer higher quality products, reduce operating costs, and increase brand awareness. They bring the highest level of integrity, responsibility and safety to every facet of our organization. NXTLVL wants to Build and foster strong relationships with the clients they work with, so they can raise the level of excellence in the industry.


Their organization prides itself on working closely with its partners to develop products and strategies that exceed expectations and ultimately provide sustainable success and a long-lasting relationship. NXTLVL is dedicated to creating success, and they believe success has a direct correlation to the individuals in their organization. NXTLVL has a diverse, award-winning, talented team ready to take your next project to the NXTLVL. They’re also the only company offering NANO2O™. Developed by the leading scientist in nanoemulsion micelle formulations. NANO2O™ is the leading cannabis nanoemulsion available in the market today.

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