Round Meadow Holdings, Inc. With CEO Keith Allen


Round Meadow Holdings, Inc. With CEO Keith Allen today on Dazed And Infused with Latham Woodward only on The Cannabis Radio. Today’s Latham speaks to Keith about his career, Round Meadow Holdings, and more. Keith also talks about G4 Live, and the Budtender Awards plus much more all today on Dazed And Infused!

Round Meadow Holdings, Inc. CEO, Keith Allen, is a highly accomplished business owner and former entertainment executive with extensive branding experience. Keith has launched brands in multiple industries, from entertainment to cannabis, and built them into international successes.

His experience in the entertainment industry has established an execution-style work ethic that is the key ingredient to his valuable reputation as a leader. Keith and his team created the Budtender Awards and G4 Live to celebrate the frontline of the cannabis industry, those who stand between the thousands of emerging brands, and their would-be customers.

The Budtender subculture is evolving into a group of highly educated professionals who are continually developing their unique blend of style, community, dedication to breaking stigmas around cannabis, and, most importantly, their recommendations for an ever-growing variety of cannabis offerings.

They are educators, advisors, sales professionals, occasionally a therapist, and often trusted resources or friend to their customers. In the wild west of cannabis, there is also a strong need to implement best practices.
With Keith’s focus on doing so, the Budtender Awards is fast becoming the trusted resource for education, networking, and acknowledgment of all facets of this industry.