Shaking Up The Sugar Game With Shoogies Part 1

Shaking Up The Sugar Game With Shoogies Part 1 or 2 where Latham joins PV Unfiltered to talk about his career, Shoogies, and Dazed And Infused only on Cannabis Radio.

Pv Unfiltered: On this week’s episode of PV Unfiltered, we shake things up with Latham Woodward, CEO of Shoogies and podcast host of Dazed and Infused. George and Latham discuss their venture into cannabis and take a nostalgic trip through memory lane.


Dazed And Infused

Get ready to be Dazed and Infused. Join sugar industry expert, Latham Woodward for a happier hour each week for a lively and often hilarious discussion on the infusion of cannabis into food, beverages, and life. Explore exciting new culinary landscape trends with fascinating friends & guests who are leading the industry into the uncharted mainstream. Discover curated menus, enhanced cocktails, and live tastings. Life’s a little sweeter here… on Dazed & Infused.

Latham Woodward Linkedin: What I value in the workplace: relationship discovery and development. Finding that special idea, person, or opportunity and exploring the possibilities within an untapped market segment. The journey I have been on has been multi-faceted and exciting, and this journey continues every day. I have always brought passion and verve to my projects. And working with intelligent, savvy, and worldly people makes my entire life an adventure.