The Cannabis Empire Series With Shawna Presley Vercher

The Cannabis Empire Series With Shawna Presley Vercher today on Dazed And Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. Shawna Presley Vercher is an award-winning political media strategist and social justice advocate. She is a widely-acclaimed speaker, recognized for powerfully advancing the conversation on a number of humanitarian issues. Her Top 25 book, A Fearless Voice, has been renowned as an honest and heartbreaking look at our unjust institutions and how we can work together as Americans to improve them.

Shawna entered the national spotlight as the founder of a leading media strategy and crisis management company. She has worked for notable figures and brands such as Fortune 100 companies, award-winning celebrities, and campaigns for the President, Governor, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Cannabis

Shawna has successfully generated awareness and consensus to pass Federal and state legislation. Her passion is mobilizing people to create positive change. As the Executive Producer of Reine Media, Shawna and the Fearless Voice team launched the Fearless Voice Network. This global platform highlights key influencers making a positive difference in the areas of voter engagement, wellness access, and cannabis justice reform.

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