The Dab Roast with Scott Mckinley

The Dab Roast with Scott Mckinley today on Dazed and Infused with Latham Woodward only on Cannabis Radio. The Dab Roast is a new celebrity interview show that pits the guest against a grueling gauntlet of cannabis concentrates. The show was created by Level 5 Interactive’s Scott Mckinley. Level 5 Interactive focuses on creating content in the virtual and augmented reality spaces. The celebrity interview concept has been molded and sculpted into all kinds of shows over the years. From old-school interviews around a desk on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien. While rudimentary interview shows still exist, there is also a new breed of eclectic shows that invite celebs to go sneaker shopping or eat incredibly spicy chicken wings.

The Dab Roast

The Dab Roast will let people test their cannabis tolerance against 10 different dabs with their host DabLifeMike, who is also the head of extractions at GreenRush. Scott is the former Owner of Caviar Gold Washington and founder of the Seattle company Hi-Tunes Distribution and Hi-Tunes Interactive not to be confused with the copycat company Hi-Tune Distribution in Oklahoma. He also has founded the companies Seattle Music TV, Seattle Music Photography, and managing partner of Level 5 Interactive, and today we talk about the newest show The Dab Roast.