The Farmaceuticals Co. With Chaos Gibbons

The Farmaceuticals Co., 2015, was born in the redwood forests of Big Sur, California, surrounded by the ocean mist and the tranquil west coast sun. Their co-founders Robin and Chaos both had moms who were dealing with difficult medical issues. The prescription drugs they were given seemed to be making them feel worse, not better. Robin and Chaos realized they may be able to help with cannabis – particularly high CBD strains – but they saw that other products were made using chemicals and solvents like butane, and were not comfortable giving those to their mothers. So they set out to make the most effective and the most natural products they could – without the use of extracts, concentrates, or chemicals – just pure cannabis flower and organic olive oil. After months of testing and re-testing and re-testing again, they landed on TFC’s signature 100% all-natural infusion process that coaxes out and captures all of the beneficial compounds of the cannabis flower – naturally. These were products they finally felt comfortable giving to their own moms. When they saw that their CBD therapy Drops helped decrease not only pain levels but anxiety too, they knew they needed to increase production so that they could help as many more people as possible.

The Farmaceuticals

TFC has since moved to larger facilities in San Rafael, and over 6 years later we are proudly still making our products the same way using our tried and true – and now award-winning!- method of making pure, chemical-free, whole flower cannabis infusions. And our moms? Well, they’re now sharing our products with their friends and friends of friends – and we couldn’t be happier. Chaos is a proud legacy cannabis member with a heart for empowering others to find ways to heal better with cannabis. After leaving her 20+ year career in Social Work working with homeless youth to work with cannabis medicine, chaos began formulating and custom creating products to meet the specific synergistic needs of her local community members. She continues to innovate daily, focusing her passion on the success and expansion of The Farmaceuticals Co. to spread healing across California.