The First Consumption Lounge In California

The First Consumption Lounge In California

The first consumption lounge in California with Jake Welty, GM of Captain Jacks Dispensary. As one of the first licensed recreational operations in San Bernardino, Captain Jack’s dispensary has always been for the people and by the people. Indeed, the existence of their famed and unique consumption lounge is only thanks to the initiative and demand for safe, enjoyable, and educational consumption spaces by the good citizens of the Inland Empire. While the Lowell Cafe recently made news as the first location serving food with onsite cannabis consumption, Captain Jack’s was and remains the first legally operating consumption lounge.

The First

At Captain Jacks, they strive to provide all of their customers with spectacular service. Their experienced and knowledgeable employees are always eager to serve you and help you make the best decision according to your needs. Captain Jacks has a large menu with a variety of products that range from edibles, drinks, and sweets to even pet treats. When you visit them you are more than just a customer, you are also a part of the Captain Jacks family. Jake Welty is the general manager at Captain Jack’s in San Bernardino. Jake says it’s a struggle to compete with lower prices at illegal shops, especially when the legal businesses have to add on the cost of three different taxes.

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