Tommy Chong Joins Dazed And Infused (Holiday Special)

Tommy Chong is launching a new line of dispensaries with long-time comedy partner Cheech Marin. Chong has entered into a dispensary license with Five Point Holdings Inc. and partnered with Cheech Marin to develop a five-state dispensary chain. Latham Woodward talks to Tommy about the details of the new venture. Plus, Tommy reminisces on how cannabis has carved the lengthy and lucrative career path he has traveled and how he has maneuvered around some of the obstacles in the way. He also discusses where he sees the future of cannabis legalization heading in America. The aforementioned license will allow the company to develop experiential cannabis dispensaries utilizing the Cheech & Chong brand name.


“There are a handful of names and brands recognized by everyone around the world and the Cheech and Chong brand is one of them,” says Paris Chong, Director at Five Point Holdings and manager of his father Tommy Chong. As part of this licensing agreement, the dispensaries will feature cannabis products from both Tommy Chong’s Cannabis and Cheech’s Stash brands. Inside the dispensary will feature a one of a kind retail experience with offerings from the best cannabis brands, an updated but nostalgic throwback commemorating Cheech and Chong, and for the first time ever, a place to purchase Cheech and Chong clothing and memorabilia. Jeremy Abrams, the company COO said, “It’s time the cannabis retail shopper is offered a new experience with familiar names and brands. We’re excited to create that for all of the Cheech and Chong fans around the world”