WUNDER With Alexi Chialtas

WUNDER with Co-Founder and CEO Alexi Chialtas. WUNDER’s mission is to bring wonder to the world through a more mindful alternative to alcohol. Cannabis has been inaccessible to so many often due to stigma, format, dosage, and branding. They are changing that paradigm. Truly low-dosed, all-natural beverages with a quick onset speak to audiences looking for choices that are holistically better for them. WUNDER’s beverages are formulated for people to feel engaged and inspired, not sluggish or foggy. WUNDER’s unique combination of THC, Delta-8, and CBD creates a gentle wave of relaxation and euphoria. From the minds of the digital consumer, cannabis, and e-commerce industry veterans Alexi Chialtas, Christian Peterson, and Phil McGarr, WUNDER’s unique and low-dose cannabinoid profile make it the ideal social summertime beverage, with a maximum of 60 calories per can. Best served chilled all three flavors have been carefully crafted with real fruit juice and all-natural ingredients that combine with the cannabinoids to create refreshing, bold, effervescent beverages that taste wonderful and inspire awe. WUNDER is launching exclusively with The Apothecarium, San Francisco’s premier cannabis dispensary, and is now available in-store and for delivery throughout the Bay Area.


Dazed And Infused

Get ready to be Dazed and Infused. Join sugar industry expert, Latham Woodward for a happier hour each week for a lively and often hilarious discussion on the infusion of cannabis into food, beverages, and life. Explore exciting new culinary landscape trends with fascinating friends & guests who are leading the industry into the uncharted mainstream. Discover curated menus, enhanced cocktails, and live tastings. Life’s a little sweeter here… on Dazed & Infused.