MJBA Women’s Alliance

Today on Ganjapreneur Shango Los is joined by Morgan Kristine, Founder of MJBA Women’s Alliance. Shango and Morgan discuss the Women’s Alliance, and why women are gaining a bigger influence in post legalization prohibition.

“The MJBA was founded after historic voter referendums legalized recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado in November 2012.

It is the mission of the MJBA to establish integrity and legitimacy, create common market standards, provide market intelligence, and develop best ethical business practices for participants in the emerging legal marijuana industry – including commercial hemp, medical cannabis and recreational marijuana for adults.

As the authoritative voice of legal marijuana in America, MJBA’s digital publications reach thousands of cannabis businesses and connoisseurs. Consumers and businesses alike rely on MJBA’s targeted network of websites, enewsletters and blogs for breaking industry news, legal updates and trending topics.”

At the Women’s Alliance when we have our gatherings, it’s usually an evening or perhaps a luncheon where we’ll talk about business for the first 50 minutes and that might just be business plans, vision statements, creating our logos or whatever that may be. Then the second half of the programming may be dedicated to just specific cannabis industry-related topics. Students for Sensible Drug Policy come out. We’ve had Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Women in these industries that are helping us on a local level here in Washington and we’re also in Colorado and in Portland.