Steep Hill Labs and Patenting Cannabis Strains

Today on Ganjapreneur Shango Los id joined by Reggie Gaudino, Ph.D., VP of Scientific Operations and Director of Genetics Director of Intellectual Property at Steep Hill Labs, Inc.. They discuss patenting self made cannabis strains, tracking cannabis genetics, and how breeders can defend their plant lines.

has gained much ground subsequent to their unassuming beginnings in 2008. From building up the first microbiological testing and cannabis intensity testing systems for the State of California, to being the among the first labs to spring up in Colorado’s Green Rush, Steep Hill Halent labs are not new players in this industry.

With their third and freshest testing office in Washington open subsequent to the start of June, Steep Hill Labs have been spearheading the field of expository testing, especially since converging with Halent Laboratories in 2013.