Tad Hussey Owner of KIS Organics

Today on Ganjapreneur Sango Los is joined by Tad Hussey, Owner of Kis Organics. Tad received his BA from the University of Washington and his Masters from Macquarie University in Australia. Tad took over running the online business and the research and microscope testing for the company when he returned from Australia.  He decided to take the business in a new direction which evolved into KIS Farm beacuse of his strong interest in urban farming, chickens and indoor growing.

Keep It Simple or “KIS” was founded and created by Leon Hussey, who conceptualized the idea of an affordable, home-use compost tea brewer. Keep It Simple, Inc has evolved as a family business over the past decade into a multi-faceted organization that offers unique biological, organic and mineral amendments at affordable prices for gardeners. KIS Farm is a combination edible nursery, production greenhouse, outdoor preschool, organic hydro shop, feed store, and is located in Redmond, WA.

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