Working With State Legislatures on Cannabis Reform

Today on Ganjapreneur Shango Los is joined by John B. Davis, Executive Director of Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics. They discuss working with state legislatures on cannabis reform, and some recommendations for someone new to following cannabis legislation at the state level.

“The Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics is a WA State Non-Profit Organization whose focus is safe and compliant access for quilifying patients and adults in Washington State. We seek to perpetuate the highest levels of ethics, education, standards and quality throughout our industry.

The Coalition of Cannabis Standards & Ethics is the most influential and effective trade organization in the State of Washington. Operating since 2010, and officially a non-profit since 2011, the Coalition has been recruiting the best cannabis providers in the medical, and now recreational, cannabis markets.” The organization’s website explains.

John B. Davis has been working on cannabis law reform for more than 20 years and has worked on many initiatives since 1993 including I-692 (Washington Medical Marijuana) and I-75 (Seattle lowest police priority).