420Media With Founder Kerri Accardi

420Media With founder Kerri Accardi today on Good News With Nurse Heather only on Cannabis Radio. Since 2014 the 420Media clients and projects have been featured across a combination of mainstream and industry media outlets. They specialize in cannabis, hemp, and CBD content creation, marketing, and advertising! During these times, the couch is considered to be the new Times Square. Connected Ads are largely consumption-based and reach the viewer wherever they are, whenever our placement criteria trigger that they fit the profile of the buyer we are trying to reach. Placements are seen across thousands of networks, shows, and applications stemming from major networks and television shows down to niche vlogger shows and YouTube pre-roll placements on non-linear viewing platforms (Roku, Amazon Firestick, Sling, etc). 420MEDIA encourages and empowers brands to schedule and purchase their own advertisements on billboards, connected television, and streaming audio in our easy-to-use self-service technology.


Good News with Nurse Heather

Get ready to hear something good about Cannabis. Nurse Heather brings her eternal optimism and professional expertise to the stories of the day. Discussing current topics & events – making life’s lemons into sweet lemonade and sharing a tall glass with guests, friends, and her listeners – CannabisRadio dot com is happy to present “Good News with Nurse Heather” – the show infused with compassion and love.