Primal Healing With Jordan Person

Primal Healing is the product of years of experience and experimentation with topical products in the nursing and massage therapy industries. After nearly five years of practicing cannabis-infused massages, our topicals have provided relief to thousands of people in multiple countries and our desire was to make these products accessible to all. Prior to starting Primal Healing and Primal Therapeutics, founder Jordan Person was a nurse who worked in hospitals, government buildings, and hospice environments, eventually finding her way to massage therapy before diving into the medical cannabis industry. After 17 years as a nurse and 12 years as a massage therapist, she founded Primal Therapeutics, combining her experience and knowledge to fill a void in the market, and Cannabis-Infused Massage Therapy was born.

Primal Healing was born out of a desire to share our products with as many people and provide as much relief as possible. The reality of it is, Jordan can’t touch everyone, but her topicals are an extension of who Jordan truly is, the nurse, therapist, and healer. Through continuous research and development, herbalism studies and certification, as well as nearly two decades of experience working with cannabinoids and topicals in nursing and therapy settings, Primal Healing’s products stand out from the rest and offer a noticeable difference each time you use them.