Sherri Tutkus The Green Nurse

Sherri Tutkus BSN- RN is a leading force in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Sherri is the co-founder of The GREEN NURSE LLC, a global community of health professionals who provide vetted products and services to support the utilization of plant medicine and other progressive therapies to nourish the endocannabinoid system.

Sherri is a nurse, patient, advocate, and activist in the cannabis space. She utilizes her expert nursing skills from the traditional system as a medical center specialist, clinical nurse liaison, and educator to bridge the gap between patients, the conventional medical system, and the cannabis community. She has been educating and implementing holistic integrative healing modalities within her nursing practice for over 25 years. She mentors other nurses and health professionals and educates them on the endocannabinoid system and the safe utilization of cannabis at dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, patients’ homes, and she regularly presents at cannabis events, seminars, and expos the world over.


Good News with Nurse Heather

Get ready to hear something good about Cannabis. Nurse Heather brings her eternal optimism and professional expertise to the stories of the day. Discussing current topics & events – making life’s lemons into sweet lemonade and sharing a tall glass with guests, friends, and her listeners – CannabisRadio dot com is happy to present “Good News with Nurse Heather” – the show infused with compassion and love.

Nurse Heather

Dr. Mitch Earleywine

Heather Manus is a native New Mexican and Registered Nurse specializing in all aspects of medical cannabis care. She is currently a board member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, serving as Chairwoman for the ACNA conference committee. She also holds a certificate of completion for The Core Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing. Nurse Heather has shared her knowledge and assistance regarding cannabinoid therapies in Colorado, Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

She was honored to be a presenter and panelist for multiple conferences in 2013 and 2014. Her deep understanding, unique perspectives, and professional delivery make learning, a positive and enriching experience. In addition to educating, advising, and speaking; under Nurse Heather’s direction, the Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association was successful in petitioning and appealing for the inclusion of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a recognized debilitating condition under Arizona’s medical marijuana act.