02VAPE with Dana E. Shoched

02VAPE with Dana E. Shoched on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest is here to blow the whistle on a new threat to the cannabis / vaping industry that could negatively impact hundreds (if not more) of businesses within the industry and cripple the B2B supply chain. O2VAPE, a leading vaping product manufacturer for consumers and wholesalers. Creators of the patented Flip Ultra pen, 02VAPE is committed to providing leading-edge technology for recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers and patients. Embedded in the latest stimulus bill you will find The Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act…It would modify the 1949 Jenkins Act to categorize all components and elements used in ANY vaporizing device as a nicotine delivery device and forces shippers to comply with stringent rules, including registering with the U.S. Attorney General and maintaining and reporting addresses of delivery and quantities of products. The act creates significant barriers for the legal cannabis vape industry including potential prison time for even the slightest paperwork or reporting error and deals a potential death knell to many vape product companies.


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