Auntie Dolores with Julianna and Dominique Carella

Auntie Dolores with Julianna and Dominique Carella today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Auntie Dolores is one of the first five medical cannabis brands in California and began creating a variety of edible cannabis products. In 2008 you started Auntie Dolores in San Francisco, California, and quickly became the go-to for patients seeking outstanding infused gourmet edibles that promoted the freedom for each to determine their own personal dose. Recognizing the special needs of so many medical cannabis patients, Auntie Dolores set itself apart by offering gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan options. Talk to me about AD. Julianna, you and Dominique have redesigned Auntie Dolores’ expanding the beneficial CBD product line sourced from organic full-spectrum hemp oil, and created a reimagined, inviting, and informative website to inform and educate their customers.


Talk to me about working together to build up. Their team also started the Treatibles brand, a CBD pet line created by Auntie Dolores in 2013, using a proprietary formula with hemp sourced from your own organic farm. You harvested an unmatched cannabinoid and terpene profile, creating the entourage effect, providing a full spectrum of benefits for pets. Talk to me about Treatibiles. Treatibles offers Organic Full Spectrum Hemp CBD products including hard chews, soft chewable, oil droppers, capsules, and cream in various potencies that helps pets of all shapes, sizes, and conditions. Treatibles are available from coast to coast as well as internationally. Auntie Dolores offers functional products including oil dropper bottles, capsules, topical cream, and hand sanitizer, all featuring proprietary organic full-spectrum hemp CBD oil.