BioMerieux with Ben Pascal (Mj BizCon)

BioMerieux with Ben Pascal today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. At bioMerieux, they have a global corporate mission to protect human health and ensure consumer safety. bioMerieux provides one-of-a-kind microbiology solutions to expand cannabis safety and science providing diagnostic solutions and biotechnology to determine the source of microscopic pathogens and contamination within cannabis products all along the supply chain from seed to flowers, edibles, and other consumables. Their products are used across the globe for detecting microorganisms in cannabis, agri-food, nutraceuticals, beer, and wine to meet state and federal regulations. They’d like to generate awareness around the topic of safety in cannabis. As with the food we eat today in the US such as lettuce, pork, or milk, most consumers do not give a second thought about how their manufacturers are keeping us safe because there are long-standing federal regulations in place to protect us. In cannabis, however, those regulations vary from state to state.


This is an issue in particular for medical patients and consumers who are consuming cannabis for pain management and medicinal purposes. The immunocompromised are at high risk if their cannabis is toxic or is affected by mold or other microscopic bugs unseen to the human eye. And if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 era, it’s that what you cannot see can harm you. As a leading innovator in nutraceuticals testing, bioMérieux helps customers go from complex testing methods to simple rapid methods through its full suite of testing solutions, including the GENE-UP NUTRAPLEX PRO. Other solutions include the automated enumeration TEMPO® system and immunoassay pathogen screening VIDAS® system, among many others that can bring both precision and speed in testing functional foods and beverages as well as dietary, herbal, and protein supplements and vitamins.