Cannabis and Sexual Health with PleasurePeaks Founder & CEO Antuanette Gomez

Grassroots Marketing is joined by The Leading Canadian Women In Cannabis. International Speaker & Cannabis Business Consultant. She is a Forbes 30 under 30 scholar and international speaker on cannabis and sexual health. The Founder & CEO of PleasurePeaks, Antuanette Gomez.

Peak Pharm Labs is a cannabinoid sexual health and wellness company with the mission of enhancing intimacy and sexual function. Antuanette appeared on our High on Healthy series in April 2018.

We talk about a recent announcement from about Pleasure Peaks and Hybrid Pharm announcing a partnership and creation of Peak Pharm Labs. This new joint venture is dedicated to making sexual health and wellness products through its extensive research and collaboration with various industry-leading healthcare professionals.

From Weedmaps: Pleasure Peaks is designed to improve sexual health through research on cannabinoid therapies for women with fibroids and endometriosis by the company’s Pleasure Labs initiative. The testing is conducted by doctors worldwide in sexual health medicine and cannabinoid research.CBD-infused intimacy products enhance pleasure and reduce discomfort for better intimacy and sexual health. The CBD-infused product offering includes bath salts, 2-in-1 lube and massage oil, and suppositories.

Pleasure Peaks provides affordable sexual health products ranging from infused suppositories to infused lubricants. It has a diverse mix of products because every person has a unique sexual barrier and interests.

Weedmaps profiled you and they wrote: Before cannabis you were a holistic nutritionist at a chronic pain clinic in 2015 when you learned just how often her patients used cannabis to manage their pain. They then brought up Pleasure Peaks brands itself as an “elevated sexual health company focusing on plant-based products and philosophy” since its inception in 2016. The brand’s identity and impetus arose as Gomez recreationally consumed cannabis to add a spark to the bedroom.

“It wasn’t until I worked in medicine did I understand that cannabis can be a great alternative for easing sexual health ailments for optimal sexual experiences,”  Gomez shared. “I knew the cannabis lubricant was great for easing discomfort in the bedroom but it wasn’t until I met patients diagnosed with endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOCs that I took creating a medical cannabis company seriously.”

Pleasure Peaks is 100% Black, female, LGTBQ owned and operated. The company has also created an inclusive culture that invites conversation from every corner by hosting virtual online community pleasure classes, a podcast, and global tantric cannabis couple retreats.

Learn more at, @cannalube on Facebook, @pleasure_peaks on Instagram and @PleasurePeaks on Twitter.