Cannabis-focused Real Estate with Matte Namer from Cannabeta Realty

Grassroots Marketing discusses Cannabis-focused Real Estate in New York and New Jersey with Matte Namer, Founder of Cannabeta Realty.

Cannabeta is a cannabis-focused real estate brokerage, the first firm in the New York and New Jersey area dedicated to serving the needs of the cannabis industry.

The Tri-State Area legalized marijuana for adult use in 2021. Combined, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, could become one of the biggest markets in the world. While brokering real estate deals for the cannabis industry represents a very large and growing opportunity, there are a myriad of complicated issues.

Here is what cannabis companies don’t always think about when it comes to choosing real estate in New York:

  • Rapidly changing legalities
  • Restrictive zoning policies
  • A competitive environment
  • Unique business strategies.

To service clients properly requires in-depth knowledge of the cannabis industry, while also utilizing the latest numbers to make data-informed decisions.

Cannabeta Realty employs decades of experience in real estate and leverages this extensive experience as real estate developers to understand timing, power needs, cap-ex, utility connections, sustainability, local politics, zoning, and overall economics to help clients find the ideal locations for their businesses.

Matte Namer (They/Them) is a New York City-born real estate developer, asset manager, hotelier, and salesperson who has been a leader in the New York and New Jersey real estate market for decades.

As the founder of Cannabeta, the first real estate brokerage firm dedicated exclusively to cannabis businesses, Matte has combined his passions for real estate and the cannabis industry to be the top resource for dispensary owners who are operating within new legal markets.

Matte leverages their block-by-block knowledge of New York City and demographic trends to identify the ideal location for any kind of dispensary. They also leverage their extensive relationships with New York City’s top landlords to finalize the best deal structures for their clients.

Outside of work, Matte is the bassist and vocalist for The FMs, a musical project that takes cues from glam, synth-pop, industrial, stoner rock and dance music.