Cherry and Their Cannabis High-end Genetics and Breeding

Grassroots Marketing discusses Cannabis High-end Genetics and Breeding with Anthony Scotti and Jason McLean, co-founders of Cherry cannabis.


Anthony Scotti and Jason McLean, co-founders and co-creators of Cherry, discuss high-end breeding and genetics in the cannabis industry. Cherry is a native Colorado brand founded nearly a decade ago during the initial wave of legalization focused on curating unique strains and cultivars for cannabis connoisseurs. Now with plans to expand outside of CO, the brand will be operational in Oklahoma later this year with cultivation and retail and intend to expand to the East Coast as well, with aspirations in New Jersey, New York and Florida.

They discuss how the company’s history and experience has allowed them to create beautiful, top-quality cannabis products and how important it is for the East Coast to have access to superior genetics from established brands as recreational cannabis will swiftly emerge in the coming year. He can also discuss the company’s collaboration with rapper N.O.R.E. to name one of its strains, Super Thug, which led to an ongoing partnership and brand ambassadorship.

They discuss their background in the cannabis industry, their history in Colorado, their expansion plans, as well as their dedication and focus on high-end genetics and breeding.