Confia with CEO and Founder Mark Lozzi (MJ Biz Con)

Confia with Chief Executive Officer and Founder Mark Lozzi today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Confia is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with a deep understanding and background in finance, PropTech, and RegTech. Before founding Confia, Lozzi served in founding and leadership roles at various investment banking, venture capital, and early-stage technology companies. As a true disruptor in the Cannabis industry today, Lozzi has led Confia’s strategy since its inception in 2018 to pioneer change for cannabis businesses and create an efficient and liberated ecosystem. Lozzi has a Masters’s Degree in Business from San Diego State University in California and a Bachelors’s Degree from the State University of New York College at Oswego. As a highly motivated leader, Mark leverages a deep understanding of fintech development strategies to drive revenue and exceed customer expectations.


“Cannabis tech has been overrun with companies capitalizing on growing demand this year even in the wake of the pandemic. The result has led the ever-changing landscape of transactional banking to propel fintech companies in recent months, allowing organizations like Confia to offer cannabis operators access to affordable and efficient financial services. Founded in 2018, Confia’s platform works almost exactly like a bank account, taking care of all the compliance transactional complexities in real-time – benefitting both businesses and consumers. As Confia dominates the west coast, they are now expanding to the east coast market with the goal of assisting cannabis businesses (and consumers) in newly operating medical and adult-use states looking to scale into the industry.