Courtney Meyers from Green Mountain Solutions

Courtney Meyers



Russ Belville chats with Courtney Myers from Green Mountain Solutions at the SW Cannabis Conference.  Green Mountain Solutions is a software and solutions company focused on the people side of the cannabis industry.

Green Mountain Solutions specialize in HR and Labor compliance, leadership training, team building, and culture development. Their goal is to help build a sustainable and scalable industry by building a foundation of business processes and policies. In addition, they offer a Learning Management and Knowledge Management Software. Both of these are necessary tools for growing a business in both size and geography.

“There is a tremendous amount of growth opportunity in this emerging industry but it will require scalable business practices. If you find yourself recruiting with out an applicant tracking system, you will not be scalable. If you find yourself training new employees with out a way to develop and deliver your content in a repeatable fashion, you will not be scalable,” Courtney’s LinkedIn profile notes.