Exclusive Brands with Narmin Jarrous (MJ Biz Con)

Exclusive Brands with Chief Development Officer Narmin Jarrous today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Exclusive Brands As the Chief Development Officer of Exclusive Brands, Michigan’s first licensed adult-use dispensary that now boasts multiple locations, Narmin Jarrous has dedicated her life to ensuring the cannabis industry succeeds by placing social justice endeavors and ethical science practices at the forefront of her mission. At 24 years old, Jarrous is the youngest executive in Exclusive Brands’ history and is already making her mark on the cannabis industry by taking actionable steps to broaden social equity throughout the industry and make clean and safe cannabis accessible to all. Jarrous currently leads the Social Equity program by Exclusive Brands. In this mentorship program, Narmin helps Social Equity Applicants (as defined by the State of Michigan) gain their licenses.


Narmin personally helps organizations fill out their applications, build their facility plans, pay application fees, and act as a liaison between the organization and the state. Dedicated to prioritizing Social Equity in the cannabis space, it’s no surprise that the state of Michigan has also looked to Jarrous as a leader in the cannabis industry. Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) knew Jarrous as the ideal woman to structure and guide its first remote Business Resource Workshop in September 2020 as part of the state’s social equity program. Jarrous’ presentation was a huge success with a 700% increase in attendance over the average turnout for similar workshops. Narmin Jarrous has been using medical cannabis for two years and has been open about it with her doctor in the Ascension medical system. Over that time she has been able to narrow the use of some drugs to control a painful endometriosis condition down to one. Because of that history, it was quite a surprise to Jarrous recently when she says she was denied a prescription for her one medication because a blood test had detected her marijuana use.