EzHire Cannabis and Professional Hiring Enablement with Jacob Carlson

EzHire Cannabis is planning on launching a brand new platform to help with hiring. Our goal is to make the process of getting noticed, interviewed and hired in the cannabis industry. We speak with Jacob Carlson.

Our Co-Founders met at HubSpot (HUBS) and have been able to grow a team of proven experts on growing and scaling a product. Our co-founder just left HubSpot to focus on full time and we are expecting for massive growth in 2022. We are also a black-owned and founded business by Jacob’s family being from Ethiopia, we believe we are the only or one of the only business who can claim that in our space.

EzHire announced today the launch of a professional hiring enablement platform serving the cannabis industry. EzHire is poised to change the way candidates and employers engage in the rapidly developing industry, with a focus on increasing diversity and reducing hiring costs for U.S. cannabis companies.

To date, EzHire has managed to build an expansive candidate database of over 3,000 curated candidates, each with a personal video introduction. Projected to reach $43 billion by 2025, the cannabis industry is plagued by employee turnover, with companies seeing an average of 40-60% of staff leave within just two months (The National Cannabis Industry Association). EzHire’s proprietary platform offers employees video introductions, which can be shared and rated across HR professionals.

“The idea that upwards of 60% of candidates churn in their first 120 days is a failure in how candidates are currently evaluated,” said Jacob Carlson, founder, and CEO, EzHire. We saw an opportunity in 2020 to present better, more complete candidates to a growing industry.”

Over the past several months, upstarts in the cannabis staffing space, including Vangst, which is backed by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde, have raised significant funding to help improve hiring in the space.

Carlson is adamant that those platforms are missing the mark and EzHire is bootstrapping the company’s platform launch after exceeding six-figure profit in 2020, despite interest from venture capital firms. “We started EzHire to remove recruiters from the equation and connect candidates with real employment opportunities, not simply to fill ‘gigs’ in the space. We believe that combining our technology with the creation of a candidate-centric experience will trump VC-backed recruiters.”

The subscription-based EzHire platform helps startups and multi-state operators grow by connecting cannabis businesses to high-quality candidates. The platform’s free online job search tools connect professional applicants with high-quality employment opportunities that meet their individual skills and experience.

According to research firm Benzinga, the U.S. cannabis industry is not meeting diverse hiring goals, with just 17% of executive positions occupied by minority team members. Minority entrepreneurs are also underrepresented in the industry. Around 400,000 U.S. workers are employed by the cannabis industry, with that number projected to grow to 750,000 by 2025.

A leading U.S. cannabis company challenged EzHire with meeting its accelerated growth goals in preparation for IPO. In three months, the platform filled 100% of the company’s 40 open positions, attracted 8,000+ applicants and oversaw 200+ interviews. To strengthen the applicant pool, EzHire offers candidate development tools designed specifically for the cannabis industry,
including a virtual learning center and local Community Managers.

Labor is the highest expense impacting U.S. cannabis companies, according to the National Cannabis Industry Association. Professional interest in joining the field is high, with cannabis job postings receiving an average of 150+ applicants within one day. The cost to replace an entry-level team member in the industry is 30-50% of the position’s annual salary.