Flower by Edie Parker by Brett Heyman

Flower by Edie Parker by Brett Heyman, the cannabis leg of Heyman’s cult accessories label Edie Parker is pleased to unveil Weed’s Come a Long Way, Baby, a new campaign to coincide with 420.

As an all-women led company and leader in the luxury cannabis space, Heyman hopes to celebrate the liberation of cannabis and the ever changing perception of the culture that’s tied to it.

Widely known for its inherent sense of irreverence and wit, the current campaign gives nod to the iconic 1960s Virginia Slim ad that challenged the zeitgeist of the American women. Featuring Richie Shazam, Fiffany Luu and Faith Jauggernauth, and photographed by Emma Louise-Swanson, the campaign currently spans multi-state across NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and more surrounding 420,

An early pioneer to intersect cannabis and fashion, Flower by Edie Parker offers a line of cannabis accouterments: smoke pipes, rolling papers, vape pens, grinder cases, temping sticks, lighters, and more.

Visit www.EdieParkerFlower.com or @EdieParkerFlower for more information.