Glass Blowing, Retail and the Cannabis Industry with Chris Piazza of CannaDevices

Grassroots Marketing discusses Glass Blowing, Retail and the Cannabis Industry with Chris Piazza, the CEO of CannaDevices.

CannaDevices now consistently supplies 10 publicly traded cannabis companies along with numerous other operators.  Throughout this growth Chris has never wavered from his dedication to support American artists and independent small businesses.  Even during the course of a global pandemic, Chris was dedicated to ensuring that each artist and team member of CannaDevices could count on the company with absolute certainty, despite the uncertain times. If artists needed a break to take care of their own health or family circumstances, they knew CannaDevices would be there for them when they were ready for another order. At any given time, CannaDevices provides full time work for 50 artisans and their businesses and plans to double that number by early 2022. Additionally, if a new partnered artist is hitting roadblocks in their production, Chris helps the artist by teaching the skill of glass blowing and production, while simultaneously providing a source of income.

Chris is also a founding member and Chairman of the non-profit Startup Syndicate, created to help new entrepreneurs get access to tools and capital for their businesses.  Chris has a high threshold for excellence and a natural ability to connect humbly with the people he serves.

CannaDevices was founded by Robert Bank and Chris Piazza to serve the fast growing cannabis industry in the United States.  Both local glassblowers of the Chicago suburbs they have had a working partnership for over a decade supporting the local and national glass blowing industry and their communities.

Experience of over thirty years in glass blowing, retail and the cannabis industry allows us to understand and meet your needs with precision.