Grow Industries Inc. with Jesse Elkins

Grow Industries Inc. with founder Jesse Elkins today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest and his team of architects, engineers, environmental scientists, and HVAC, cultivation, and manufacturing experts have created some of the most envied facilities ever built. Grow Industries team arms cannabis companies with the foundation need to gain a competitive edge with a suite of solutions including full turnkey facilities and design; build-out of complete grow facilities and labs; architectural and engineering services; design of environmental, temperature control, humidity control, CO2 disbursement and HVAC systems; feasibility studies, pre-facility investor inspections and appraisals; access to a team of in-house grow and cannabis experts, along with specialty areas such as legal, real estate, regulatory, engineering and architectural.

Grow Industries Inc.

Leasing of turnkey cultivations and manufacturing buildouts. Grow Industries recently announced a merger with GCorp, a holding company founded by New York’s philanthropic Gilder Family (whose patriarch Richard Gilder was an early investor in Wal-Mart and Home Depot)uniting Grow Industries’ deep knowledge, long-term client relationships, proven track record, and a suite of cultivation and manufacturing solutions with GCorp’s resources and network. Many operators are faced with a host of unique challenges, including a lack of resources, limited bandwidth capacity, and a shortage of available topic experts across the value chain. This merger aims to bring together MSOs, licensed producers, and cannabis brand specialists to address the marketplace gap between supply and demand for quality cultivation and manufacturing facilities.

Grassroots Marketing

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