Harvest Direct and Their Strain-specific Cannabis Edibles with Zeyead Gharib and Zack Iszard

Grassroots Marketing talks with Zeyead Gharib (Founder & CEO) Zack Iszard (President & CSO) from Harvest Direct about the gap between cannabis flower and all other product types and how they are filling this gap with their innovations/tech.

Harvest Direct Enterprises is the first and only company in the world to make strain-specific cannabis edibles. You are the first company in the world to develop a manufacturing method: LACY ™ (Lossless Activation Chamber Y) that lets you capture an entire cannabis strain – with all of its distinct effects and medical benefits – in any product form.

“We started with decarb/activation – an extremely destructive process with respect to the full plant profile. Our patented flagship invention – Lossless Activation Chamber Y (“LACY”) – allows us to be the first in the world to create total spectrum cannabis products. Our technology creates products that are unmatched in quality, with higher yields and lower costs than the rest of the industry. These products capture the distinct effects of whatever strain of cannabis we start with. Truly leveraging the entourage effect and with no need for re-combination.

We take a less is more approach, aiming to preserve everything nature creates in the cannabis plant. Working with nature, not against it. Capturing the entourage effect of each strain in discreet, accurately-dosed, consistent, and socially/medically acceptable forms. Our lossless cannabis processing philosophy guides the development of our technology and the products it creates.”