How Cann is Pioneering a Tech-Driven Path in the Cannabis Industry

Learn how Cann is Pioneering a Tech-Driven Path in the Cannabis Industry with  Sebastian Richard, the Senior Director at cannabis-infused social tonic brand Cann.

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly, but an industry-wide understanding of the retail/dispensary market is still in its infancy. Sebastian Richard, the Senior Director at cannabis-infused social tonic brand Cann, states:

“Cannabis data is old or misaligned and lacks a centralized structure. There are 600-900 accounts in California alone, and many are single-site operators who wear multiple hats.”

Since its founding by a data-driven executive team, Cann has sought to command an exceptional understanding of cannabis retail conditions, and the best account-based marketing strategies for establishing shelf dominance at dispensaries. The company’s process for creating this insight can be found in this case study, How Cann Pioneered a Tech-Driven Path in an Uncharted Industry, and I feel this case would be a natural fit for your audience.

Cann is attacking the market in innovative ways, including:

  • Upleveling their brand ambassadors with smart, targeted selling
  • Forecasting strategic outcomes more clearly, empowering sales and marketing leadership to pivot toward the best revenue-driving initiatives.
  • Empowering their teams with visual merchandising and material distribution