Joygum with Danielle Gilliam and Amy Nudelman

Joygum with Danielle Gilliam and Amy Nudelman today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. JoyGum tablets are accurately dosed at 10mg each! Because the THC is absorbed through the lining in your mouth, our gum has a rapid onset of about ten minutes and lasts from one and a half to two hours. This is a very broad patent in an industry very difficult to obtain both a patent and trademark. Development took 3.5 years and at least 350 formulations.


There have been no other successful launches of cannabis gum except for ours even before our patent. It was my mother’s inspiration on a trip to Antwerp with my father to formulate gum. She spent the day in Amsterdam and was high at a gum factory when the idea came to her. She had the connections that allowed her the ability to make this in a Willy Wonka secret world that you must have connections in to succeed. Not many people personally know anyone who makes gum. That’s because there are only a few around the world that can do it and my dad knows most of them as he has most likely worked with them in the past.