Leading Expert In Nevada On Social Use Policy

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are joined by Scott Rutledge. Scot is the managing partner of Parallax Strategies and serves as a senior vice president with Argentum Partners in Nevada. He has fifteen years of experience in political advocacy, campaign finance and management, and government affairs. He began his political advocacy career in Texas, before working on his first medical marijuana campaign in Vermont in 2003. He moved to Las Vegas in 2004 to begin work on federal, state and local campaigns.

He has been involved in dozens of successful electoral, issue advocacy and legislative campaigns throughout his career. In 2014 Scot ran Congresswoman Dina Titus’ re-election campaign. They were the first member of Congress from Nevada to engage with the cannabis industry across the West, touring facilities and promoting the industry via social media and earned media. In 2015, Scot joined the campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Nevada and developed a finance strategy that would eventually raise over $3MIL from the industry. He was promoted to campaign manager and lead the team to a resounding 9-point victory. Since the election he has been involved in the legislative, local, and regulatory implementation of Nevada’s new adult-use marijuana law. Leading expert in Nevada on social use policy. 15 years working in political and camapign startegy, policy, and advocacy.