Leaf Trade With Michael Piermont

Leaf Trade With Michael Piermont

Leaf Trade with President and Chief Revenue Officer, Michael Piermont. In 2015, while newly licensed cannabis companies were starting up, they began to experience some common operational challenges. Processes for moving products wholesale, from sellers to buyers, were outdated and inefficient. At best, the methods were slow, fragmented, and hard to track. At worst, orders were being written on cocktail napkins. These were big businesses operating on a manual system of emails, spreadsheets, and text messages. Leaf Trade knew there was a better way, but it didn’t exist yet. So, they built it. Enter Leaf Trade: a better way to buy and sell wholesale cannabis. By 2017, they created a compliant, connected, and reliable technology solution for licensed cannabis growers, cultivators, retailers, and dispensaries—one with product quality and client success at its center.

Leaf Trade

Michael Piermont joined Leaf Trade in March 2019. In his role as President and Chief Revenue Officer, Michael oversees company strategy, sales, customer success, and marketing. His successful track record in tech company leadership includes roles at CareerBuilder, Fooda, ECOFIT, Fanchest, and amSTATZ, the latter two of which he co-founded and helped reach acquisition. Outside of Leaf Trade, Michael serves in several important roles, including #girldad, sneaker collector, and golfer. One of his other claims to fame is placing second in a worldwide Seinfeld trivia competition.