LEVIA with Troy Brosnan & Matt Melander

LEVIA with Troy Brosnan, CEO and co-founder & Matt Melander, President and co-founder today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. LEVIA recently announced the launch of new cannabis-infused water-soluble tinctures with premium CO2 extract. The tinctures are now sold at cannabis retailers across Massachusetts. Each 1-ounce bottle of tincture contains 300MG THC, zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol. One bottle of extract contains enough for 60 servings with 5MG THC per serving. LEVIA currently has three varieties of tinctures – Sativa, hybrid, or Indica cannabis – that offer flexible dosing for a superior experience. In March, Troy launched three cannabis-infused seltzers. Each seltzer offers its own distinct profile: Achieve, a raspberry-lime flavor that uses a Sativa blend and caters to those looking for a more active and alert experience; Celebrate, a lemon-lime seltzer infused with a hybrid blend that encourages a more social experience; and Dream, a jamberry seltzer that uses an Indica blend for a more relaxing, mellow effect. Each seltzer contains five milligrams of THC, an amount that is in line with LEVIA’s goal of creating a sessionable drink. The production of Achieve, Celebrate, and Dream takes place within LEVIA’s 6,000-square-foot facility. Matt you have described it as a “microbrewery meets extraction lab.”


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