Marketing Into The Cannabis Industry

On This episode of Grass Roots Marketing were joined by Beth Waterfall from Women Grow: Boston. Beth has successfully transitioned her established career in legal and financial services marketing into the cannabis industry, utilizing the same tactics and business development strategies that she used to train attorneys and other executives to use. She teach’s others how to do the same while maintaining an executive presence and building an effective personal brand and network.


On Top of that she also presented on the Wonder Women of Weed panel, which Beth helped pull together for CannaCon, on Saturday afternoon. As chair of Women Grow: Boston Beth is  on a mission to educate, inspire and empower women in particular to boldly and responsibly build their dreams in the cannabis industry. She is promoting women in cannabis and encouraging talented professionals from established industries to bring their knowledge and business perspective to help make the U.S. cannabis industry inclusive, compliant, and beneficial to our people and planet.