Metolius Hemp Company with John Friess

Metolius Hemp Company with CEO and founder John Friess today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. As you all know, the FDA’s recent announcement regarding the ban on menthol cigarettes is just the start when it comes to tobacco regulation. Experts think it will trigger a mass reduction in use, given that nearly 70% of American smokers say they want to quit. This is prompting companies to focus on tobacco alternatives. Metolius Hemp aims to lead this effort in the wellness space with its unique, proprietary line of CBD and CBG (cannabigerol) blends for non-psychoactive use that target this niche market with the mission to help consumers ditch tobacco.


Homegrown and distributed from the banks of the Metolius River in Oregon, the brand leads with the market’s first CBD + CBG enhanced flower and pre-rolls, first enhanced Cannagars (hemp cigars), and now a full line of premium CBD + CBG (collectively dubbed “CBX”) wellness products. Additionally, Metolius just introduced the world to the first-ever CBD lip dips. Customers rave of the brand’s quality and consistency, as well as the potency and wellness benefits.

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