Native Roots and Greatest Hits Cannabis with Rhett Jordan

Grassroots Marketing sits down with Rhett Jordan,  Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Native Roots and Greatest Hits Cannabis Co.

Rhett Jordan brings an elite level of vertical cannabis industry expertise rarely seen in the field to his role as Chief Operations Officer at Greatest Hits. With years of pioneering leadership experience in nearly all aspects of cannabis, Rhett has been able to strategically design and direct operations at Greatest Hits to ensure scalable functionality and support a thriving team.

Rhett’s operational vision—coupled with a deep understanding of the value of establishing relationships with his personnel and equipping them with tools for success—has been critical to his success in founding the Native Roots brand and building it into one of the largest cannabis dispensary chains in the world.

Rhett’s business and marketing acumen also extends to the music and promotions industry, where he has conceived, booked, and managed large-scale music and event productions.

Rhett loves to share his knowledge and advice regarding the industry itself, business, and health and wellbeing.