New York City’s Premiere Educational CBD Retail Hub : Come Back Daily

Steven Phan, owner and founder of New York City’s premiere educational CBD retail hub, Come Back Daily, and advocate for cannabis legalization joins us on Grassroots Marketing.

Steven discusses what challenges the industry and legalization face, including reopening after COVID, his plans for entering New York’s adult-use market, and what can be done to improve cannabis and cannabinoid education and dismantle existing stigmas.

Steven also heavily credits the benefits of CBD and cannabis in his own personal journey of overcoming addiction and has experienced the positive effects they can have on mental health and wellness firsthand. These experiences are what inspired him to open Come Back Daily and become an advocate for cannabis education.

New York City-based entrepreneur Steven Phan has been an activist in the cannabis space for nearly a decade, where he also spent time working for a CBD company and noticed a need for peer-to-peer interaction. While operating the company’s live chat, even after providing extensive customer service, individuals still wanted to see and speak to someone physically. Overcoming decades of stigma and re-familiarizing people with the cannabis plant became the driving force behind Phan’s first business QuadDeuceNil (QDN) which he launched in 2014. The urban cannabis lifestyle brand became a platform and collective to educate and change misperceptions creating an even more enlightened community. In 2018, he opened Come Back Daily, an experiential CBD retail store in Tribeca. Using a hands-on approach supported by knowledgeable staff, customers are encouraged to sample CBD products and learn about how cannabis can benefit their lifestyle. Since then, Come Back Daily has opened two more locations in Manhattan and Phan has continued to play an active role as a leader in the community.

His opinions on industry topics and issues such as hemp legalization, the FDA’s crackdown on CBD, and earning support to legalize cannabis from legislators of color have been published media outlets that includes Crains NY, Gotham Gazette, Business Insider, the Daily Marijuana Observer, Marijuana Business Magazine among others. He participates in panel discussions; from Decoded Future, a major change-makers summit held in NYC and London to more intimate conversations about entering the cannabis industry, where he spoke with interested students at Columbia’s Business School on how to develop a successful business and brand. In October of 2019, Come Back Daily received the award for best CBD company at the NYC NORML Awards show that also highlighted Steven’s continued work in the industry.