Operational Security Solutions with Ryan R. Hale (MJ Biz Con)

Operational Security Solutions with Chief Sales Officer Ryan R. Hale today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Ryan is the Chief Sales Officer and a Founding Partner for Operational Security Solutions (OSS). Mr. Hale leads all revenue operations, business development, marketing, strategic alliances, product/service development, and implementation. Mr. Hale began with OSS as the Chief Technical Officer, and still maintains executive oversight of overall IT and systems-related items delivering a secure and robust integration between OSS and our Financial Institution clients and their members. As the sales leader for OSS, he has successfully led the expansion of OSS across the legal markets across the United States. OSS has recently expanded into New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to increase market share dominance on the East Coast alongside the launch of their new website.


The expansion will provide compliance and security solutions for states on the East Coast of the U.S., ensuring the sustainability of OSS clients’ businesses through comprehensive security and risk management solutions. The Company will also ensure that the assets of East Coast financial institutions (FIs) are secured and validated through the ever-evolving cannabis industry with their BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance program. The services OSS will provide customers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania includes compliance, secure cash management, and logistics, and financial solutions. Once operations are launched, OSS’ plans include further expansion into additional mid-Atlantic states.” SAFE Banking Act Is Only Going to Increase Regulations. What Do Financial Institutions on the East Coast Need to Know? East Coast FI’s are trying to figure out what’s going on but there are tons of misconceptions of going adult use.