Paradiso with CEO & Founder Christina DiPaci

Paradiso with CEO & Founder Christina DiPaci today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Our guest runs one of the largest independent craft cannabis farms in California. Well-versed in the cannabis trade for 10+ years, She does it all from compliance to finance, while also having a hand in strain selection, packaging design, and brand development. Her focus on seizing opportunities to be more fun, creative, and productive, encourages a vibrant and happy workplace — one supported by life-long friends/founding partners who’ve worked in the cannabis trade their entire lives. Across five acres in California’s Central Coast, Paradiso is a passage to the faraway where tropicalia meets modern artistry, united by the positive forces of cannabis. Woman-owned, and supported by life-long friends, Paradiso is radiant authenticity and passion for the craft.


Like a tranquil beach club at sunset — a natural fit to stoke the imagination — Paradiso is your toast to these wonders splashed with inspiration, coveted genetics, exquisite strains, and terpene profiles for sun-soaked days. Andrew DeAngelo wrote this about Paradiso in Forbes: “Woman-owned, and supported by life-long friends, Paradiso radiates authenticity and expresses a passion for the craft. Rooted in the love of their community and planet, sustainably growing cannabis—and making it accessible and affordable for everyone—is why they are here. “As a cannabis cultivator in Monterey County, it’s important for me to share the story of the sea otter. They interacted harmoniously with humans for centuries, until they were hunted to the brink of extinction. They are a joyful story of recovering their own species while revitalizing the kelp forest ecosystem they call home. I look at the sea otters and smile knowing we can regain balance on planet Earth.”