Paving The Emerald Road with Legacy Cultivator Justin Calvino

A legacy cultivator intends to save the small farmers of Mendocino by paving The Emerald Road. We learn more from Justin Calvino.

Justin Calvino is an Emerald Triangle entrepreneur on a personal mission to save the small cannabis farmers and artisans of the region through his imaginative regenerative economics model, The Emerald Road.

Calvino believes that Mendocino possesses all the creative genius it needs to solve its own problems and build a vibrant, sustainable, local, living economy. Small cannabis farmers didn’t get into the business to build brands and compete with multinational corporations. The Emerald Road was born out of necessity, to help save this industry but also to support all of the diverse artisans of Mendocino.

The Emerald Road is a crypto-exclusive California lifestyle platform that will leverage decades of local cultural experiences with emergent technologies. When launched in June, this revolutionary platform will be a unique bazaar-like marketplace that allows users to engage with brands, artists, creators, teachers, and practitioners via web/mobile devices and live events.

The platform empowers a renaissance of the California lifestyle by developing a digital marketplace for community exchange utilizing blockchain technology. Users/members will have access to exclusive opportunities to engage with and purchase goods, services, and experiences that support the community using emerging currencies like NFTs. This approach lets money go back into the hands of artisans.

The site will be used by Crypto enthusiasts, Festival-goers, Cannabis consumers, Music lovers, Wellness aficionados, and Knowledge seekers.

Coins and currency will launch in May. The Emerald Road will be paved for access in June.