Rogue Paq Luxury Cannabis Accessories with Jessica Cadmus

Grassroots Marketing learns about Rogue Paq and their expansive line of Luxury Cannabis Accessories with the Founder and CEO, Jessica Cadmus.

Rogue Paq was created by NY Wardrobe Stylist and Goldman Sachs alumna, Jessica Cadmus (AKA Wardrobe Whisperer) who thinks non-stop about how people present themselves. Her style advice and commentary has been featured on CBS This Morning, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, Business Insider, and more.

She has spent the last 13 years dressing power brokers and influencers and ensuring their aesthetic is highly cultivated. When she discovered her clients were carrying their ritual in vessels like old pencil cases and baggies, a problem defined itself: the need for a refined carrying case. It was from that need that Rogue Paq was born.