Rokin and Their Advanced Vaping Products for Oil and Concentrates

We learn about Rokin and Their Advanced Vaping Products for Oil and Concentrates with their CEO Daryl Bauer on Grassroots Marketing.

With nuclear engineer Alex Bauer, at the helm of product development, Rokin maintains its position at the forefront of vaping technology. The Rokin Dial is not only the newest and most advanced addition to the Rokin oil vaporizer line, but also the most advanced portable vapes anywhere. The Dial has the most voltage settings of any portable vaporizer on the market with a shocking 21 different settings! Each setting works to give your customers complete control over their vaping experience. Furthermore, the Dial’s portable size let consumers take it anywhere.

“Our technological edge means consumers get the custom vaping experience they want at a price that doesn’t break the bank,” CEO Daryl Bauer, Rokin Vapes. “Big clouds, tiny hits or anything in between—it’s all possible on one device with Rokin’s new Dial.

The Dial features auto draw technology, which eliminates the need for an on/off button. This means customers can vape without the worry of turning the vape on/off and draining the battery. Consumers just screw the cartridge into the advanced 510 threaded connection to form a secure connection and inhale to activate the Dial. The secure cartridge connection technology is unlike any other vape and ensures cartridges make a solid connection every time. The Dial also includes short circuit protection for customer safety. The Dial comes in Matte Black, Titanium, Light Blue, and Rokin Red.

Rokin also offers consume its discreet Mini Tank. This Rokin portable oil vaporizer is small enough for consumers to take anywhere. At less than 2” high and 1” wide, it is the smallest oil 510 vape battery on the market and fits in the palm of your hand! The spring loaded 510 thread connection ensures a secure connection with any cartridge on the market, including Rokin’s EASY FILL oil cartridge. The Mini Tank comes in Matte Black as well as Titanium, Light Blue, Bright Purple, Bright Green and Rokin Red.