Scarlet Delivery with Claudia Post CEO of Green Bar Supply Co.

Scarlet Delivery with Claudia Post CEO of Green Bar Supply Co. today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest is an award-winning seasoned leader, business owner, nonprofit executive, and experienced problem solver. Before Scarlet, Claudia founded Diamond Courier Service, Inc., a same-day, time-critical, bicycle, and car delivery service. She built one location and four employees into the national Diamond Transportation Group, Inc. with 10 locations, over 350 employees. Claudia recently founded Scarlet Express, which provides state-approved, closed-loop dispensary delivery services to patients in every state. On the website: “Outsourcing your dispensary delivery services to an experienced provider will free up your time to focus on core tasks that will grow your business. We alleviate your need to manage drivers and dispatch, maintain vehicles, source insurance, and handle order disputes.”


Cannabis sales in 2021 were expected to be muted, relative to sales in 2020, but instead, transaction volume from new consumers supported unexpectedly high growth rates early this year. Their research reflects these increases are due to more consumers shopping for cannabis rather than existing customers buying more. While average basket size or they spend per transaction, has fallen roughly 0.5% in 2021, the number of transactions increased 15-20%. This is encouraging for the cannabis industry because it means visits from new customers are offsetting the inevitable pricing pressure on cannabis products. Most importantly, it means the sales spikes we saw during the pandemic sparked a sustained growth trend, rather than an anomaly of one-time consumers.