Social Equity in the New Jersey Cannabis Market

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Grassroots Marketing discusses Social Equity in the New Jersey Cannabis Market with Lorenzo McFadden, Director of Operations/Co-Founder of the Thrive Network.

Lorenzo was a business analyst for Fortune 100 corporations, is now Co-founder & Director at a mental health facility, and VP of a vocational college. He’s a phenomenal thought leader within the black community and across all demographics of the region.

He’s driven by his sincere focus on the dire state of Camden, NJ, and works to improve the lives of those living there, who he says are dear to his heart— the underprivileged, jobless, unskilled, and those needing mental healthcare.

Lorenzo McFadden is a 20-year veteran community leader and human services advocate who co-founded two New Jersey-based services organizations. An alumnus of Morehouse College with Fortune 100 experience, McFadden’s impactful programming has played an integral role in helping local school systems provide subsidized and grant-sponsored mental health services.

In addition to serving as Director of Operations at The Thrive Network, McFadden has also led American Training Center to the only federally approved apprenticeship program for certified medical assistants in South Jersey. American Training Center has also been awarded PACE, GAINS, and Upskills grants from the NJ Department of Labor. In partnership with The Thrive Network, they have trained and certified over 1000 workers in NJ in Mental Health First Aid.

Lorenzo McFadden is also a member of the Human Services Advisory Council for Cape May county and a Board of Trustee member of the Community Planning and Advocacy Council.