Stillwater Hemp: Montana-based Organic Health and CBD with Melanie Kossan

Melanie Kossan joins us on Grassroots Marketing to tell us about Stillwater Hemp, a Montana-based Organic health and CBD company.

A lifelong entrepreneur and natural healthcare advocate, Melanie initially launched Stillwater Hemp to provide safe, 100% organic hemp products to her family and friends.

When she first began working with CBD, people in her area either didn’t know what it was, or they had serious misconceptions about it. It would have been easy to say “this market is not going to work for CBD”, but instead, she launched into education. Melanie created CBD School and for a year she would host events for the public to learn about CBD. Additionally, she would go on the largest radio station in the area each month to talk about CBD and answer questions from listeners, and ran informational ads on TV. It went a long way to create a marketing path for the product.

Today, Stillwater Hemp ships tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pet products to all 50 states, as well as allows other entrepreneurs to white-label their products to start their own CBD brand. Stillwater Hemp is about to launch their brand of vending machines that anyone can license and put in a high traffic area to create passive income or start up a side hustle.