Streamlining the Cannabis Business License Application Process

Streamlining the Cannabis Business License Application Process with with Jordan Smith, Chief Operations Officer of Cognitive Harmony Technologies.

Cognitive Harmony Technologies, recently launched a new platform that streamlines the cannabis business license application process, making it as simple as filing taxes online. The digital application is now available for New Jersey applicants and for New York pre-sales.

Their mission is to open the doors for equitable Cannabis Business Ownership by making the application process as easy as filing personal income taxes online. The CHT application accelerator streamlines the entire application process into one easy to use software platform. They created CHT Enterprise Application Accelerator specifically for busy consultants in the Cannabis application space. Our software platform provides the tools you need to scale and become the industry leader you deserve to be. The CHT Enterprise Accelerator automates all templates, so you upload once and all of your clients can use it. No more manual entry for each client! Plus, study guides and Green flower educational apps reduce the amount of time you spend answering client emails. Live chat enables your clients to get quick questions answered. Those that need more help can purchase consulting services directly through the platform.

With all the progress in cannabis legalization sweeping the country, the barrier to entry presented by complex, expensive and intimidating cannabis business license applications has remained the same, making it near impossible for anyone but large corporations and MSOs to succeed. Applications are consistently rejected due to missing materials and other mistakes; producing a compliant application typically requires an expensive consulting service that can cost upwards of $150K, creating a huge gap between the goodwill of legislators passing social equity laws and equitable cannabis business ownership.

Founded by a software engineer and a physicist who also launched a cannabis social equity incubator, CHT aims to allow small businesses and equity applicants to compete effectively for a cannabis business license at an affordable price, paving the way for a more equitable and just cannabis industry.