Sugar Top Buddery with Anna Kaplan

Sugar Top Buddery with Anna Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder today on Grassroots Marketing only on Cannabis Radio. Our next guest runs a celebrated, family-owned Oregon-based cultivator, processor, and wholesale distributor of “top-grade tasty” cannabis flowers and pre-rolls. Ann’s company, Sugar Top, recently announced a partnership with cutting-edge agricultural technology company Terra Vera. Consumers will soon be able to find the array of premium SugarTop Buddery flower strains and pre-rolls, treated by Terra Vera in licensed dispensaries across the Beaver State. As a company founded by artists and musicians, our core values support the arts within the cannabis community. We believe art, music, and cannabis bring people together.

Sugar Top

Sugar Top Buddery presents Serenaded Buds! Every month a performing artist or band will perform on your garden stage and “serenade our ladies for every harvest, infusing them with love and good vibes.” Take me into your music philosophy and the response to the Serenaded Buds series. Sugar Top offers a variety of beloved strains including the coveted Lodi Dodi and Narnia. Specializing in Pre-Rolls, you also roll up top-grade tasty strains in Mondo Bats, Stubby Bats, Twin Bats, and a variety of Multi-Packs including our Community packs and Good Smoke line. Talk to me about the product line and highlight some of the most popular selections.